Two example screenshots of podcast apps displaying a list of chapters

Add chapters to your podcast MP3 files.

A simple online tool without install or signup, running locally in your browser. Works with all podcast players that support id3 chapters.

To start, load your audio file.

or drag and drop file
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Edit chapters

Chapters are managed using the same syntax also used by YouTube. Each chapter is one line, starting with the timestamp when the chapter begins (for example 03:20 or using milliseconds 14:21.320), followed by a space, followed by the name of the chapter. Chapters can also have a link and an image associated with them, see below for details.

Edit MP3 tags

MP3 files can contain metadata such as title, artist, etc., known as ID3 tags. You can edit these tags below. For podcasts, not all fields are applicable and can be left empty.

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Podlove Simple Chapters XML and Podcast Namespace JSON

Besides embedded ID3 chapters, other standards for specifying chapters exist. Examples are the Podlove Simple Chapters XML and Podcast Namespace Chapter JSON formats, which can be added to a podcast RSS feed via embedding into the <item> tag (XML) or by adding a link (JSON, XML). While most podcast players use embedded chapters, some other players (notably Spotify) only support time stamps in the episode description or Podlove chapters.

You will need to upload the images to a web server and add the URLs to the chapter list.

Drop an mp3 file to load.